Tonight Phil talked with Ted Bell about football salary caps and a female kicker trying out with the New York Jets. But Ted’s real topic of discussion was concerning how he was not being taken seriously as a sports reporter. When conversation swung around to how much a Ted cost at his restaurant, Ted blurted out “When Seth McFarland used to sell his ass down on Wilshire for the price of a Ted, his ass was worth exactly $9.95.”

Bobbie Dooley discussed Joan Rivers controversial joke about the Holocaust and Hiedi Klum’s dress. Bobbie said that she and Steve used to be insensitive to the Holocaust as well “until we tried eating that box lunch on the way to Oktoberfest and suddenly felt ill.”

Bunch of other baloney…

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    Brian Sherrill

    I agree with Morgan Brown. The show is so much better when people call in. So much funnier that way. Please bring back the caller Phil.

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    Morgan Brown

    I’m trying to hang in there but I’m not finding the show nearly as funny without the callers. I hope we get them back.

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      I agree. I don’t like the continuous bickering between the characters that never go anywhere.

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    jeff phillips

    “Firssssssss misser Henri,, i spank my asssss with a hair brush,, then i do the splissssssssssss over a watermelon,, then i attack bacons stripssss to my nippless” Chris Norton


    Phil after listening to the best of with chris norton doing the hipfles you should get all his dance move bit and put them in the download section. great show as always.

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