Hour 1:

Bobby & Steve Dooley have a new sex tape that shows what sex is like when you’re love. Phil talks about Barry Cowsill, who was found dead under a pier in New Orleans. Jeff Dowder feels he was used by Clear Channel after the Dowder Quiz Flashback. Phil BBQ’d on a Weber and loved it. Phil rips into other radio shows including David Lee Roth sucking in NY. Phil reads some e-mail.

Hour 2:

Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary police are walking into homes of people who leave their doors unlocked to help them learn about the dangers of a home invasion.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about his old general manager, Bob Green. Phil reads some e-mails and talks about Pat Robertson and his step-daughter Katherine. Dave Oliva & R.C. Collins debate the topic of Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger’s motorcycle accident. Phil talks about the movie “Indecent Proposal.”

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