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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Chris Norton is back at the Rusty Pelican, roped off, talking to women and hoping to get paid “a gratuity” for servicing them. Oh yeah, he weighs in on Tonya Harding’s ‘doability.’ Also Jim Sadler and Austin Amarka with the latest Donald Trump news.

The BSP Classic Hour is from November 2000. Restaurant owner Ted Bell claims ballot mistakes are the fault of Americans because we allowed our seniors to ‘get loose’ at the polls. Phil talks about the renovation of Hollywood and My Friends Place.

Episode 1075 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Keith

    OMG…Sadler is #1…my favorite voice…who is this?…oh

  • Chris

    Also nice to hear from Austin Amarka

  • Chris

    Hilarious show. Norton and Sadler were a riot. “The circle with the line through it”

  • Peter

    Implementing a tagging system restricted to BSPs is a brilliant idea.

  • Michael

    Does anyone know the date of the show where Vernon Dozier monitors the girls’ locker room to ensure the girls don’t pull any hijinks while in the showers?

  • John

    Hey Phil, you know what would be totally tits? A random show button!! That would save some time. And great show as always! John in LA (Leland Area, NC)

  • Robert

    Trying to locate a particular episode. It had a commercial in it that sounded like an ad for one of those monster truck shows, but it was to watch Timmy race his bike down his street at “three miles per hour! Be there!” Anyone?

    • John

      GD, forgot about that one!!! Funny as hell!!!

    • Anton

      Hahahaha man I remember that one!! Great stuff! Can’t remember when it was from but hey that’s another reason to allow BSP’s to add tags to shows. Would help a ton while browsing the archives

      • Robert

        Great suggestion. I often just pick a year/month randomly and listen to old shows so the tags would be really helpful. “Tickets, contact Timmy’s mom”, lol!

        • John

          Hence my suggestion of a random show button! Wouldn’t think it would be too hard to implement, but then again I “couldn’t find it with both hands!”

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