Hour 1:

Jay Santos & the Citizens Auxiliary Police are visiting elementary schools in Southern California to talk to young people about safety and crime. This presentation includes a simulation of a drug hallucination where Jay removes all of his clothing.

Hour 3:

Elementary school teacher Clara Bingham had her classes make cards to send to soldiers in Iraq. Clara says the cards came out so horrible she threw them out and sent nude photos of herself instead.

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    Anyone know if Clara’s pics are online somewhere?

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    Don Sloan

    Has there ever been a less-than-great Jay Santos bit? Methinks not!! And, he has great taste in music… looking on the floor of his truck for the Art Laboe CD with “Since I Don’t Have You” by the Skyliners. Sweet!!

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    Aaron Stalley

    I love how Phil’s guests belch constantly and interrupts guests with irrelevant comments or questions. I do that all the time now, just to piss people off. Phil Hendrie is the master troll and has taught me so much about the art.

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