Ted Bell comes on the show to discuss the Prime Rib Room’s preparations for the Super Bowl, including what he calls “our famous miniature chicken legs.” The ensuing discussion, however, is not to Ted’s liking. Also, Jerry Derwakken from an NFL watchdog blog talks about the so-called “Ballgate controversy.”

Episode 300 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    It’s always the small things that crack me up with this show. Like Margaret accidentally going into the phone for a second.

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    Mike McCloskey

    I have to say..just reupped for BSP and really enjoy the to see the ideas behind the show and why things happen. Keep it up Phil. Been a Phan since Miami. I do miss the callers, but this works fine as well.

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    Daniel Roberson

    First new show I have listen to since I came back to download some old episodes. Sad kinda of reminds me of a cartoon. Thankful for the old material.

  • gregory church
    gregory church

    Midget Chickens!!

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    Kip Massey

    Man! Phil’s been kicking ass this last week or so!

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    christopher knoderer

    congrats on number 300!

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