Hour 1: Margaret Gray is on to discuss how proud she is that Greta Van Sustern has just signed a contract with Fox. She is proud because Greta got the job despite the fact she is hideous and tough on the eyes. Margaret even whispers she thinks Greta maybe be a lesbian, or maybe even a man. Featuring a call from Sylvia who screams at Margaret.

Hour 2: Phil talks about the Backstreet boys and various actors/musicians who get drinking habits to promote their career. Phils then talks about bad sportsmanship and bad sports towns like Miami and LA.

Hour 3: Larry Grover from Conservatives of Kern county to talk about the fact the Clintons dog was hit by a car and killed in NYC. Larry believes Clinton murdered his dog to get publicity. RC Collins then calls in and gives a Rose Bowl update. The flashback was Bobbie Dooley getting sick and tired of people staying home on New Years Eve.

Show log by George Koutsourais

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