Phil starts out talking about the Bill Gates picture he put on Facebook. Some kid in Canada starting harassing him about it. Then Phil started feeling sorry for him. Margaret isn’t feeling too good. Turns out she ate a pot filled brownie and now she’s stoned. Steven Bosell is on to talk about the possibility of the St. Rams coming back to Los Angeles. He’s at his pond with a crazy squirrel. Bud and Steve talk about their commentary on Superbowl Sunday. Justin McElroy calls in to argue about the value of Canadian money.

Justin Bieber is the hot topic right now. Phil discusses the latest news. Bieber apparently slapped a limousine driver. This leads to Phil and the panel talking about the movie Driving Miss Daisy and how Jessica Tandy slapped Morgan Freeman. Tony Neal is on the show to talk about Justin Bieber. He says Bieber is on his way to a jail cell. Tony managed a boy group called the Four Heartaches who nobody has heard of. Tony watch these 4 boys turn from four fresh faced singers to four degenerate things in a holding cell with a food bowl. Phil reads a story about the snowstorm in Atlanta.

There’s a discussion about Neanderthals. A trait for red-headedness is found in Neanderthals. Jim Sandler calls in but he has a bad cellphone signal so we can only hear every other word he says. Towards the end of the show Phil talks about the Puppy Bowl and the new Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel. Phil says they will give the kittens catnip so they won’t lay around and lick themselves.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer.

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    John Tracy

    Why can I hear the warnings about 1 minute, 30 seconds.. ? Are we supposed to be hearing them?


    Dug your home movie jamboree sequence.Neat ’52 Merc. etc.

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    John Pace

    Bwahahaha!! You really think the Hallmark Channel is going to drug kittens? Jesus Christ, you’re off your rocker or just really stupid.

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    John Pace

    Does Phil use his left or right hand when dreaming of a certain radio person in D.C.?

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