It was a two hour Raj Feneen extravaganza as Raj and his Arabic-speaking son Todd talked with Phil about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, New York. Raj told Phil that the new mosque was needed because while most immigrants coming to America enjoy seeing the Statue of Liberty, Muslims don’t really like the view because Liberty is a female with no veil and an exposed arm. “You might as well have a dog holding a torch for all it means to me,” says Raj. Predictably the audience reacts negatively as the “dog” theme continues. While arguing with one woman, Raj stops down to ask Phil “Do I have to keep arguing with this woman. It’s as if you are forcing me to argue with a dog.” In the background, Raj’s son Todd is barking and whistling the Lassie theme.

By the second hour, Raj has changed gears and switches stories. Now he says he’s in favor of a new mosque near Ground Zero because of the “foot traffic” that is there, making it the perfect spot for a food court inside the mosque. Raj talks about “making a beautiful dollar” with a KFC and a Burger King. Raj tells Phil that he is in fact the owner of a fast food franchise and then offers a 9/11 first responder who calls in “dibs on a Checkers franchise.”

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    Love your work, man. Have been meaning to ask: who in hell convinced you to blow up your perfectly sufficient Car Wash website and replace it with this black-orange Halloween motif? Seriously. I fear you paid somebody way too much money to "rebrand" you into oblivion. That said, know that I’m a fan who will keep tuning in.

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    I love the hour downloads, but love the option of getting the whole show on one file. Keep both! Thanks!

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    It’s easier to keep track of bits by character if the files are segmented by hour, since each bit is one hour. My Creative Zen is hard enough to deal with already, without having to encode a descriptions of three bits into the header of one mp3.

    Some days, I wanna listen to Austin. Some days, I wanna listen to Chris. Some days, I wanna listen to Mavis. Some days,… .

    If I search for "Austin" and get a 3-hour file with Raj one hour and Ron Tarner another hour before I finally get to Austin, I’m gonna be annoyed.

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    Keep them hourly….anything else as Raj would say "Is Bullcrap!!!"

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    art bell has full showes

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    Could this be a return of Raj’s obsession with fast-food? Is a rendition of "Saw An American" far behind? I like it!

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    Please keep the three individual segments. Easier to navigate and easier to listen in 50 minutes sections. Thanks.

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    How about keeping the three mp3 files of the regular show, and letting us download the entire videocast .flv file as the full show. You could still take it down after 5 days if the storage is an issue. I’d much rather download it instead of streaming it.

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    I prefer individual one hour segments.

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    I’d like to comment on this again. I REALLY like the streaming option, having 3 segments is a pain in the ass, because you always have to click on the next hour to listen to the next hour!. PLEASE keep ALL the options up, that way everyone is happy. Yeah.

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    I love the new streaming option, I want to listen to the whole show like you can do in the archives on realplayer. Nice!!

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    Yes it is easier to negociate with 3 segmenys.

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    Phil Raj was truly at his best last night. I thought I was going to crap myself when todd kept barking and then you dropped the lassie theme song. The last couple nights of your show have been absolutely classic, that bit with dr. tarner and now this… Well this is gonna be classic Raj. Well done, thanks!

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    Many thanks Alex,

    The biggest reason, among many, is I download the files then copy them to my mp3 player. Fast forwarding thru 3 hours is much more time consuming than when there are 3 files.

    Anyway, thank you, thank you, thankyou…

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    We have heard your demands and will temporarily offer both options until we can nail down which is preferred. Cheers!

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    Bring back the 3 individual hours of streaming and download.

    Many times I miss only 1 hour, or a part of an hour, and now it’s tedious having to search for that spot. It was so much easier the original way.

    If anyone feels as I do, please email Phil, and eventually it will happen.

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