Margaret Grey introduces a long time friend of hers, an actor-turned-drug rehab owner, Rev Duncan. It turns out his new rehab center in Malibu is more like a torture chamber. Later Don Berman is on to talk about the great Nicholas Winton, but winds up sidetracked yet again by a horse race he’s watching.

Episode 415 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Phil playing Steely Dan on the pre-show? My life is complete.

    Also, who is this guy Jerry Longdon (sp?) that Don Berman is referencing? For some reason I assume it’s someone to do with horse racing. Google is no help.

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    kevin sealy

    Rev Duncan scares the hell out of me.

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    A rawhide nightmare…

  • Gregg Goodsell
    Gregg Goodsell

    I hope Rev Duncan comes back every now and then. He is a very interesting character! Great job as usual Phil

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    Found this song where Rudy Cannoza sings the chorus at the end.

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