Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hour 1: Jay Santos is on patrol to close down garage sales because they attract psychopaths into neighborhoods.

Hour 2: Harvey Wireman, veteran of WWII, calls from a shopping mall while suffering from the ill effects of digesting Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Hour 3: Professor Jeff Dowder explains that the majority of California’s forest fires are sparked by static electricity from Jackrabbits “hauling ass” through dry weeds and brush.

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    Phil should have stuck to the humor.

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    Phil H. used to do a segment called “Life Imitates Phil.” I’d love to see a category of that. One time the show was focused on this (3rd hour) Jack Rabbit theme. Then (this is a TRUE story) there was a guy who threw a rodent onto his burning pile of leaves and the rodent caught fire and ran to a building and set it afire.

    Phil’s fiction can be duplicated in real life sometimes.

    If you have not heard the flaming rabbits bit, you had better listen to it!

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    Holy shit, hour 3 is fucking classic. Toby Beau (I refuse to spell it “Toby Bo”) dropping acid and watching those flaming jackrabbits zip around the dry Cohanga Forest must have been a sight to see!

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    Mark Dobos

    Jay Santos does it his best…Masterpiece Theatre–

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    Gotta love the flaming bunny theory.

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