Margaret and Bud got into another dust up about where the claw from the alien egg in ‘Alien’ should have landed instead of on John Hurt’s face. (Hint: Bud’s crotch or one of Margaret’s breasts)

Pastor William Renneck joined the show to discuss his potential addition to the one-man show and his use of the song “Give It To Me Baby”.

Harvey Weirman came on to discuss the four panel members and how much more money they’re going to need to do a Saturday show. Plus the General wants a personal assistant in case he can’t get out of the bathroom because of a jammed door.

Phil discussed having the blues every day at 4 PM and then played “Memory Pain” by Johnny Winter. Pastor William Rennick joined the program and reminisced about marrying Clara and dancing to Rick James’ “Give it to me.”

Jeff Dowdder also guested…

Tomorrow, we draw for the winner of our VIP package to Phil’s July 30 sold out Hollywood Improv show!

Episode 170 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    “people listen for to hear funny man”
    “when you talk all kinds of angry things, the people get scared”
    You tell him Margaret

  • Avatar
    Steven Burgess

    Ha Ha Ha! Oh..hoo hoo hooo-ooo o! O! hahaha ha ha…!
    Good god, my sides are splitting! Have you heard?
    Phil’s got a One Man Show comin’ up, y-all…and it’s ALL SOLD OUT!
    And, and Phil’s havin’ trouble’s with the tax man…oo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Trouble, I say, because that man always wants a great man’s money-e-e-e!
    Plus: Phil can cuss up a minor storm…but he ain’t doin’ real good with this show — since he ain’t so good with thinking about that One Man Sold Out Show!!!
    Get your tickets now: You know, for the next World Famous Phil Hendrie One Man Show.
    Keep milkin’ that cow!
    I rate it an 11.5

  • Avatar
    Donald Guill

    Hey Phil you are a real funny FUCKER.

  • Avatar

    3 stars

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