David G. Hall kicked off the show tonight. He wanted to put up $100,000 to the Levy Recovery Fund. He’s not really going to give it… He thought they were off-air…

Jamal Woodford then joined us in the second hour. Jamal thinks that Planet of the Apes was a seminal moment for blacks, because it showed blacks in a dominant role over whites.

Art Griego closed out the show in the third hour to say that air rage is the flight attendants’ fault. If they’d just do their jobs better then people wouldnt’ shit on drink carts.

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    the first hour was one of the most fascinating hours of Hendrie’s works i’ve heard, as i listen in chronological order from the beginning. In his unique style, Phil is admitting that he is disrespectful to people in emotional pain. He puts it right out there. It’s fascinating stuff. And he’s right…this type of thing attracts an audience. Phil is an interesting guy.

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