Hour 1:

Phil talks about Bill O’Reilly, then some commentary. Michael Jackson doctor could be charged in his death. Then he takes some calls. There is an episode of Ironswine. David Hall calls in telling Phil not to butt into the Ironswine bit. Then Phil brings up the story about the swim club not allowing minority kids again.

Hour 2:

Phil starts out telling a story about watching a band in a mall, and running into two kids selling magazines. 4 people were digging up bodies in a cemetery in Illinois. “Roy” calls in from Boston. He agrees that Jesse Jackson should be upset. He was glad that the 4 perpetrators were black. There is some commentary on the recession and the stimulus package.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about states rights. Then Phil takes some calls, then talks about losing weight with Medifast. Margaret Grey and Vernon Dozier call in to talk about the grave robbers. Margaret wants Phil to say, very slowly, whether the owners were black or white. She wanted them to be white. Vernon said they avoided a race riot. News at the end.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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