Margaret talks about the deception in the commercials… no farmer girls look that good. Convicted pervert now research assistant Herb Sewell guests. He feels Bill Cosby gave us “quality laughs for a lotta years and that oughta be worth something.” And Mavis Leonard hires Austin Amarca to do some cabinet work in her kitchen even though she’s a Christian and assumes Amarca’s love of wrestling means he’s gay.

Episode 420 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    david penikas

    “Ya might wanna go out and catch yourself another twelve year old”
    Funniest Bud Dickman……almost crashed my car…again

  • Hesperus

    The funniest segment in a long time… with the chicken and cow sound FX, LOL! Reminds me of the John Ziegler interview from 2005 when the chicken sound FX loop ran out and had to be restarted again.

  • kiserSolzi

    Faaaantastic episode as usual there Mr. Hendrie!!! 🙂

    P.s. what is the name of the instrumental song at the end of this particular show?


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    Everett Cook

    Show sounds great except Lonely Surfer a hair over mod…SO a can of flat black spray paint can be had for 96¢..2 coats on your VU’s and problem solved…

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook

    I’m digging the character cross-overs: Austin with Mavis, Herb with Steve, etc. Keep it up!

  • Karen

    How the hell do you do Margaret mocking you!?

  • Chris Kuehnl
    Chris Kuehnl

    Holy crap my back hurt from laughing so hard when Margaret mocked Phil’s voice .

  • Chris

    Ha ha. Good stuff. Would love to hear Ted Bell get menaced some more by the diabolical Hong Kong Charlie.

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    jason bell

    Too funny. Watching the cable news circle jerk last night, I was laughing at the thought of Larry Grover attempting to tackle the complexities of Donald Trump while Gloria intervenes to profile the discrepancy of Larry’s living conditions to Trump’s success.

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