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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bobbie and Steve Dooley have opened up their lake house for the summer. Mavis Leonard and her late husband had a house on the same lane but they sold it when “the creep factor” got too much. Larry Grover doesn’t care about “covfefe.” Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary Police are now hassling dudes over their bathing suits.

The BSP Classic Hour is from June 2006. Chris Norton, author of the book ‘How To Break Up With A Woman: Tough But Effective Ways,’ joins the show. Chris says his book gives guys who are good-looking ways to break up with women without having them become a basket cases.

Episode 915 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Michael Landucci
    Michael Landucci

    I was just gonna log on and say funniest show in a long time. Was surprised that this episode brought out the haters.

    If you didn’t think this one was a modern era classic then you simply aren’t into the show. Between Bobbi in the bathtub and jay santos just going off this was a superbly funny episode.

  • Chris Garguilo
    Chris Garguilo

    I discovered Phil Hendrie one night I guess about 4 – 5 years ago. I live on the east coast, so he would come on after midnight. I remember first hearing his guests on the show, (first not realizing he was doing all the voices) and immediately realized it was a spoof but was amazed how the callers took it seriously and wondered how America could be easily fooled, until Trump was elected.

    Nonetheless, I felt after awhile people would catch on and less people would call in thinking they were debating an actual topic.

    I love the new format. I enjoy the panel and the disputes they get into. I look forward when a new podcast goes live and get pissed when it is a best of. Saturday Cinema is a hoot and it would be nice to bring back Dr. Elcott.

    Keep it going Phil. You can’t please everybody. You make many, many, many people smile for 1 hour a day, and much better than porn!

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    in the words of Bud Dickman: “Me me like Phil Hendrie”

  • Shaun

    Wow Phil, look at the commentary here! That said, three words made me crack the living hell up today…. Operation Sack Search! Jay is hilarious. Also, more Mavis please! She is easily my favorite character. As a Afro American, I love those I don’t give a damn type of elderly black people! RESPECT

  • Gregory

    Yep, I also agree. Phil is just “phoning it in”, no pun intended, on some of these shows. His liberal leanings invade his rhetoric more often every month. He was chimping on about some non-sensical topic like he loves to do on twitter one evening. I made a comment, saying something to the effect of, “maybe you should be spending this time creating a new show for your listeners” Phils response was “not for you”. I expected such a sophomoric response from him, however. I pay my yearly dues and never even received my voicemail that he committed to doing for listeners who paid for a year in advance. Should I be surprised? NO. Phils negative attitude hangs as heavy in the air around him as the dust cloud from Linus’s blanket from Charlie Brown. Wake up Phil and realize that your political opinions Carry no weight and influence no one. Your time is better off invested in creating comedy rather than your ego writing checks your body can’t cash. Stick to what your good at and you and your coffers will be all the better for it! Ban me, censor me cause unlike you, I don’t think that my station in life allows me to try and influence others thoughts of beliefs.

    • Avatar

      You got ass hurt, not only did Phil say,” not for you”, but you didn’t get your voicemail message. You need to get a bag of ice and put it on your ass. Blowhard, add that to your resume. Make sure you tune in tomorrow and listen to Phil’s characters call you a c***.

  • Avatar
    rachel lenardson

    I listen in to hear Phil and the panel or whatever guest he chooses to share with ud. We are inundated with the PC perspective and the Un-PC perspective that I think is funny, irreverent and conservation starters.

  • P. Allgood
    P. Allgood

    Speak for yourself and just cancel your subscription if you’re unhappy.

    • Avatar
      Kerry Chapman

      I disagree. I don’t know how the hell Phil keeps coming up with all the great comedy bits that he does. Plus, bombings and fake beheadings aren’t that funny to me. Phil, thanks for all you do. Don’t ever even THINK of retiring!

  • Avatar
    Allen Reed

    So, I didn’t want to go here but at this point I really have to. I’m getting to where I don’t like this show anymore. One big reason is, NOTHING about the Manchester boming? NOTHING about the Kathy Griffin Trump photo? Half the reason I tune in is to hear Phil’s take on current events. I love his philosophy on various things, as do a lot of us. Really irritating he doesn’t mention even a little about it, it makes for a boring show. Plus, the other thing I don’t like is for a really long time now, it’s the same opening to the show, everyone bickering at each other and nit pickey about if someone pronounces something wrong. It’s just so old now there’s no comedy there anymore. I’m not being nasty just to be a dick, I don’t do that, you’ll have to trust me on that, and come on, I knw there are other BSP’ers that agree. I overall don’t laugh that much during just about every show. I think it needs an overhaul. Don’t be mad. I think someone needed to say it.

    • Avatar

      You’re entitled to your opinion Allen, but I can say I agree. When Phil does new shows they are brilliant to really great with a few pretty good here and there, which is still miles ahead of the shit other podcasts take a week to come up with. That said, it has felt like this year he has been busy with other work and that has lead to more reruns, which I am annoyed with because I live the daily show. I’m not sure why he doesn’t just bank some extra shows that have nothing to do with current events and therefore could be run whenever (Kenny slag and Pete bone come to mind). When I joined as a BSP he was doing Milwaukee Lions and tons of other new and exclusive content. That has really dropped off. Recording the Friday BSP chat and posting it as exclusive content is (in Phil’s words) paddling it. I live Phil’s mind and all of this content so I will wait for him to get more inspired and into the show again. Also, as a new dad I can say that life can get in the way of work and especially your creativity. Si just assume he is doing his best and I listen to some old episodes I’ve never heard or listen to the Lions for the millionth time. Dlno one else hits my twisted comedy sweet spot like Phil. Period

    • Troy

      You can cancel, come on that was a good show. Geeeuz your critical.
      your Not mad you just keep saying it Ya Maybe the phil only shows blow
      but the show today was funny. Glad you needed to say it, again.

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