Tonight, Rich Butler, a financial management guy in Boston who aspires to sail solo around the world, came on our show to apologize for saying he hoped Abby Sunderland drowned. Ms. Sunderland is the 16 year old girl who was attempting to be the youngest person to sail around the world solo before she hit rough seas near Australia. She is now awaiting rescue. Once Mr. Butler realized Ms. Sunderland was going to be okay, he came back on the show to say he didn’t mean the apology…he really did want her to drown because he wanted to be on “the Wheaties box” and not her. Later Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, joined the show to express his opinion that Helen Thomas was set-up. She was baited into saying those anti-semitic things by a Washington establishment that wanted to see her ruined. They wanted to stop her from publishing  a book on how she slept with Bush Sr., Reagan and Carter in exchange for giving them sound advice and being a good friend and confidante.

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    That is about the fastest "hunt and peck" typing I’ve seen.

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    Great show, glad to hear my email make it on the show! I can’t get enough of you going back and forth with Bud. Keep the up the great work.

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    Kudos to the crew getting the audio up so fast!

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