Tonight Doug Dannger came on the show and talked with Phil and the crew about the movie “300” and the followup “300: Rise of an Empire”.

Bobbie Dooley and Margaret got into it over calling women barn-YARD animals if they wear lingerie.

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police discussed fire safety. He and the other “sub-commanders” often sit out side houses waiting to see “if they blow up” and noting what strange things occur before the explosions like “a man running from the place, a bird, a flash or someone practicing the fluglehorn.”

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    Jeremy Walls

    No interruption expected. A best of show on the 24th.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I’d go.

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    Andrew Voyer

    Phil sell himself out? All he asked for is what he was owed.


    Are you eventually gonna start adding schmaltzy Steam Ship Vacation packages to you’re program like a lot people do when they get real greedy & wanna make more money. For example: Make you’re plans in advance for big The Phil Hendrie Vacation Pleasure Cruise Extravaganza aboard some steam ship chartered off to some ungodly destination. As some jocks do costing listeners up to $900.00 to $2000.00 depending on availability. Where you are the Toastmaster & all the guests get bombed out of they’re minds. I’ve seen these things happen with some shows. Please don’t sell yourself out more than you already have.

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