Tonight Doug Dannger, David G. Hall and Harvey Weirman discussed whether Doug should bring his act up to speed and instead of ‘calling himself a gay man and gay journalist,’ call himself a ‘LGBT man and LGBT journalist.’

Professor Emory Clayton was Phil’s guest on the Paula Dean issue. Ms. Dean is alleged to have used the n-word while operating a restaurant. Clayton wanted to get a speech professor on to analyze the “plosive sound made by whites when they say ‘boy’ but instead Bud booked Warren Benmen, a man who has undergone speech therapy after falling from a broadcast tower and ‘hitting every girder on the way down.

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  • DJF

    Nova Scotia is the home of “Trailer Park Boys” the second funniest show of all time, second only to “The Phil Hendrie Show”.

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    daniel todorich


    On 911, when air traffic was grounded, Halifax International Airport took in 47 diverted flights. The residents of Halifax took many of the passengers into their homes.

    God Damn Socialist bastards. Not to be critical.


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