Hour 1:

“America’s Princess” Colleen Brewster joins the program, she believes that “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” winner Darva Conger is a role model for women even though she is appearing in a Playboy pictorial.

Hour 2:

“Women at Risk” Bobbie Dooley joins the program to talk about ways that women can practice self defense. Phil announces some distressful news regarding baseball player John Rocker.

Hour 3:

Phil welcomes Dr.Jim Sadler to talk about the sexual orientation of dogs. Dr.Sadler says that if you are the owner of a gay day he can help euthanize them for you. Phil discusses the TV show “Survivor.”

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  • Erikk

    Hahahahaha!! I second that. Some of the most hilarious moments come when Phil’s busting a
    gut. Or a nut. Who knows.
    Best line from hour 2: “OK Bobbie, if I ever get knocked down, I’ll put my hand over my rear end so I don’t get raped.”

  • Avatar

    Hour 2, when Phil cracks up in character it always makes me laugh hysterically 😀

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