Harvey Weirman’s Newsbreak got off to a shaky start. Then Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills is angry that someone dropped a note in the “Ted” suggestion box saying “monkeys have the mental capacity to cook.” Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police fills everyone in on a new auxiliary force in “the worlds largest meth lab,” Alaska. It’s the Igloo Community Eskimo Patrol. And Gloria Grover witnesses an Ed Elcott accident with a penis pump.

Episode 395 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Brian Seldt
    Brian Seldt

    This episode is like my Star Wars, I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it but 5 times was a long time ago…

    Favorite lines: Are you talking about penis? This show is a hike into goon land. Chim-pan-zee is the correct French. I’d find you and I’d make a mask out of you! Shut the hole! You can pull it out and pound it downtown. If you ever talk to me like that again I’ll come down to your house and take your head clean off and put it under my arm and use it as a trick or treat bag! Memamomomommy–I call her mommy.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Now you know where I’m coming from!

  • Karen

    I love slap back!! shhh … don’t tell anyone.

  • Avatar
    Mary Cooke

    A collection of monks…..I’ve listened to this episode 5 times…
    Jesus H……..

  • TwiceRemoved77

    I’ve got non-tech savvy co-workers coming back into my area and laughing along with PHS. One person walked out of the room proclaiming “this lady says she broke a guy’s penis!” Unreal! Can’t do with out it!!

  • King Kapp
    King Kapp

    I’ve been to 46 states in 46 years. Doing my last State Alaska as part of my 50th birthday celebration

  • Avatar
    John Milone

    A co-worker pulled a Dickman today. Leaving work and locking up our tools, the subject of thievery came up, naturally. He said “We’re not thefts”, turning a noun to a verb. I said in a low voice “Jesus.” Then I told him I bet I could pick his brain up with chopsticks. As R.C. would say . . . “It was bitchin’!!!” Thanks Phil for making my job almost bearable!

  • Avatar
    Gary Harper

    I have been to 47 States. Conn, Rhode Island and Vermont are the missing.

    Phil has been to Colorado. He did a presentation in Aspen at a Radio/Comedy convention.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I forgot about that one. Thanks!

  • Charles Howard
    Charles Howard

    Great show. Best in a while.

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