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Thursday, March 16, 2000

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Hour 1:

Phil Hendrie Show "Communism Is Neat" Radiothon The Phil Hendrie Show Radiothon kicks off to raise money for My Friends Place. Dr.Jim Sadler, author of the book "The Pet You Don't Know" joins the program. Dr.Sadler maintains that most domestic pets are un

Hour 2:

The PHS Radiothon continues with appearances from Bud Dickman, Margaret Gray, and Harvey Wireman. Jeff Dowder & RC Collins perform "Wipe Out", RC Collins & Darryl Webber perform "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

Hour 3:

The PHS Radiothon continues! Phil rants about cell phones, his step-kids, his bad string of luck with Sears, junkies, sleeping on the plane, and Disney World. Mavis Leonard calls into the radiothon to perform the song "I Hope My Friends Place Will Take My


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