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Thursday, March 2, 2006

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Hour 1:

Justin McElroy is planning a student walkout at his school on March 10th... if George W. Bush does not immediately withdraw troops from Iraq then the students will strike. Justin expects a 100% participation from students whether or not they believe in the cause.

Hour 2:

R.C. promotes his new Bradley Military Academy gear that will be available in the Phil Hendrie Souvenir Shop... Jay Santos, Bobbie, and Ted call in to get their merch plugs in. Larry Grover calls in to tell Phil he enjoys the show better when it's pre-recorded. Phil plays the Mint Green Jingle submitted by a listener from David G. Hall plays the "Saw an American" jingle and then Raj Faneen calls in to sing it. Phil plays a clip of Combover Boy. Jeff Dowder comments on the 1 million dollar Ferrari that crashed on the P.C.H.

Hour 3:

Bob Greene of Frazier Foods to talk about the Brokeback Mountain Olympics, a contest where married women put bananas down their throat.


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