Dean Wheeler joined the program to talk about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, but before long it had degenerated into his screaming about the tree squirrels that have “harassed” him for months and his nephew Stevie showing up with a pellet gun and ready to aim as Dean gets a headfull of squirrel shit.

Vernon Dozier came close to another stroke stressing about college football players unionizing. He talked about a young freshman quarterback at Belmar Academy that he’s bringing along as the kids father is, typically, being “a pain in the ass.” Vernon said the boy is a fine young man but because he’s 15 he’s automatically “dirty, crawling, slimy scum, a punk and a degenerate. But all kids are at that age” said Vernon.

The Bobbie Dooley Podcast featured Bobbie kicking the shit out of not only Steve but announcer Gene Wiffner.

Episode 86 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    James Schooley

    I love love Bobbie Dooley but to be honest I cant get enough of that teen age Punk RC Collins ! Can we get a little more of that …ps you gotta be on a suicide watch to drink rum straight !

  • Rick Mantler
    Rick Mantler

    Thanks for bringing back Mavis a few days ago. Any chance that she might once again pick up her harmonica and jam?

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