Steve Bosell guest hosted tonight. During the show he unburdened himself concerning Erica Dorton, the headmistress at his daughters middle school who constantly calls the Bosell house and breaths into the phone. Steve played tapes of the different “breathing calls” and even enlisted the aid of Dr. Jim Sadler who admitted at least one of the calls was him.

Later Steve talked about his interest in stand-up comedy and how he works parties on weekends doing some routines. He was mistakenly booked for a kids birthday party and he nervously watched one of the five-year-old’s eyeball him while slathering a roast beef sandwich with “shaved horseradish, neat.” Steve concluded when he heard the kid tell the mom “I like it shaved and neat” that maybe these kids were older than they looked. He told an Obama joke though and was thrown out….Later he talked about entertaining a frat party where he told knock-knock jokes.

David G. Hall checked in periodically to read Steve the riot act on how bad he was doing. “Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind this but you are sounding so asinine, my girlfriend has wet two pairs of panties and we’re looking for a laundromat as we speak…and I’ll tell you something else. I’m not laughing!

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  • Paul Vandervliet

    An absolutely great show…. Steve whines his way through the whole show…. had to go back several times to hear it again… laughs to many to single out any


    still looking for this clip with a hockey coach that has his wife go on a roadtrip and she sleeps with the team. but the coach denies it. clip was around 2000. sounds like bob green

  • Lawrence C. Jenkins, Sr.

    Hi phello phil phans!

    We all know how waaay over the top Uncle Phil can be. Whilst randomly checking out some back stage gems of old (can’t remember just how old, which is my problem) anyway I’m pretty sure it was an early vintage Margaret Gray who swas giving boxing tips to battered women in general. Ms. Gray was saying that these women tend to just stand there taking punches with out ducking or defending themselves so as to lessen the blows. Of course this bit was crazy as Margaret was giving tips like a boxer’s ring side coach (or what ever they’re called. She said .,”women have to learn how to “take a punch!” This bit was up there with Herb Sewell in the totally inappropriate
    dept., problem is I can’t relocate this bit. anyone help please and don’t judge I haven’t nor will I ever hurt my wife, mistress or girlfriend, promise!
    Larry in D.C. by way of Denver. Thanks bye.

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Look Phil has a lot of wisdom, his ability of language is superiour, so don’t don’t judge if he has a bad day. It’s normal.

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Phil is WICKED funny. Anal intercourse i’ve never tried, but i’ve tried a lot of pussy. Don’t apologize cuz this guy has tried a lot of pussy and knows some shit that we don’t.

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Don’t go back to the Yucca recipe, ok.

    It’s a great drink but don’t get drunk.

    Alcohol is a one street to HELL!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Look, if u r anywhere near the mexican border and they want u fkn tie in with a fkn radio show and drink the worm…. of course they r just trying to get everyone drunk.

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Miller beer is the biggest asshole advertisement against Irish. Tnk u!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    You know what?> I’ve got my own website, [email protected]!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Let’s do a booze sponsored event, Phil. Lelt’s do it!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Jeff Dowder, u and ur flaming rabbbitts. U better hope i Never get on the air, cuz I will annihilate u!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Phil is a NWO lizard asshole SOB. I’m really here to deliver u, but i don’t know how. That is the real honest truth, like jefff dowder say.

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Phil is a NWO lizard asshole SOB. I’m really here to deliver u, but i don’t know how. That is the honest truth, like jefff dowder say.

  • Paul Barufaldi

    I am not hitlerian, but i am a german willing to kill u. Let’s go now!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    A turk has no other words, I am goth. Let’s goeth thiswar over with!

  • Calvin Kaiser

    I really enjoy watching the internet with you. Real value added, thanks Phil!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    And when Vlad heard him, he heard this turk was singing, uncer his breath…

    So they gave him a ladder.

    And he climbed it, and when he did he heard these words from the Turk…

    “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you….”

  • Paul Barufaldi

    I’ll tell u a joke Phil.

    A romanian told me this and it’s quite funny.

    He said this, he said “OK, Count Vlad, you now he hated Turks?”

    And I said “Yeah”

    And he he said “Yes, so on his birthday they wondered what they should do for him. Should we put on a buffett of pussy for him, he can take his pick?”

    And I said “No, probably not. He’s done all that before.”

    And he said “Yes. so that’s why we did what we did.”

    And I asked “What was that?”

    He said “We put a turk on a stake, in front of his window.”

  • Paul Barufaldi

    I’ll bet the teeth rotted out of my mouth, if the whole kazakstan army rolled out of my breath, if they didn’t know….

  • Paul Barufaldi

    I bet he’s old he just forgot where the toilet paper is……….

  • Paul Barufaldi

    OMG this show is so fkn funny. Why is he even talking about Chris Norton?

    Must be a concioussness….

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Ain’t u ever read a book?

    And she did what Pontiues Pilot did, she ran unto a junble gyme. Other than the Faerie Tale ever did have do with gays?

  • Paul Barufaldi

    Yeah Steve Bossel is comic genius, he sues evyerone. He went to see LED ZEPPELIN, but one of them died, lol! What a fuck!

  • Paul Barufaldi

    “he’s got a shaved and meat pastrami” LOL

    I don’t care if it’s italian, I’m italian too! It’s good humor

  • Lon Acree

    Goddamn I love Steve Bosell. He reminds me of a typical Democrat voter. LOL! “I’m gonna sue you, sir!”

  • Paul Barufaldi

    “Don’t make me come over there and smack you so hard that your head flies off!”

    LOL! Phil is some kinda genius with the language man!

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