Vernon Dozier, an administrator and teacher at Belmar Academy, decided to do battle with two female students on Facebook, drawing dirty pictures and calling them sluts. Later, it’s Jay Santos, Citizens Auxiliary Police Brigadier Admiral, who identifies the main problem at airport security being people taking too much time putting their shoes back on.

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  • speelbot

    ……..What junkbox said

  • kingchristopher

    Classic Vernon, callers pissed off and he doesn't understand why. There is a football stadium named after him….Jeeezzzuss, what's wrong with these people…I can't stop laphing

  • ChapelPerilous

    knifechase…i'm just having some fun…sittle makes me laugh because he/she is such a freakin blowhard….if the reviews help someone tug it better…cool beans!…I don't need it…and sometimes it's the first thing i see on the streaming/download page….I read fast…whatever…it freakin annoys me….cause the review is like Medusa's face…I don't wanna look…but it's just…so…hideous…and I gotta look now….because I want to hack on it…..but I won't. I won't…i'll suppress my tiger blood….I don't wanna turn to stone.

    Accept my virtual handshake…

    blouseclowns…it IS a public forum….don't be a quitter!

  • junkbox

    blouseclowns…it IS a public forum….don't be a quitter!
    knifechase is right. this is a public forum. i take it all back.

    "Public" implies non-proprietary, like a park or sidewalk. The fact that we pay to be here and this forum is not available to non-paying site visitors means that it is in fact private, read "Members Only." (like that sweet ass jacket I got hanging in the mud room)

    Not that I give a shit…but since our little family is a bit dysfunctional and has obvious communication issues we should at least make sure we have a grasp of the English language before moving forward.

  • junkbox

    Remind me again why I need to enter a CAPTCHA on a site that a. I've already logged into and b. that I'm paying for? By that logic, someone would pay $7 a month so they can come here and spam?…prolly not. Public forum, fair enough, however this is a private one. If you have a problem with a user, REMOVE THEM. Ditch it, no es necessario.

  • junkbox

    Hell yeah, go Vernon.
    Reminds me of Jay Santos doing the 'thong check' at the Mall.

  • Juliew

    Phil, Vernon was really good. I loved it. Good job, very funny.

  • MartitaO

    This was a great show! Loved it! The breaks were hysterical too. I love Phil harassing the callers.

  • PhilForPresident

    The Sittle column was very helpful today. We often take the "set-up" for granted, but it is in fact CRUCIAL…good call sittle…not to mention the spot on analysis of vernons demeanor.

    I didnt realize the Jay bit was funny untill sittle pointed out the great catch phrases like "nerdnik". I had to go back and listen to it again, to be sure I hadn't missed a laugh or two. I SURE DID ! Upon further review, those funny ass words redeemed this bit ENTIRELY…with exception of the weak roll out, of course.

    I must admit, my brow drew a bead of sweat as I read the scathing reivew of Phil's show prep shortcomings…but sittle easily side-stepped a truckload of angry hatemail by recounting the way Phil saved it. Nice, lol. I mean, could you be any closer to the line…yet not quite cross it? PAAHHH, Brilliant work Sittle!!!

    Keep the reviews comin!

  • blouseclowns

    knifechase is right. this is a public forum. i take it all back.

  • knifechase

    And his reviews (when I read them) annoy me as well. But I don't see why we have to be attacking each other.

  • knifechase

    ChapelPerilous, if they annoy you, don't read them. I don't read them, but I think he has every right to use the comment section as he pleases.

  • speelbot

    wasn't a virus, it was social engineering, nod32 can't help with that.

  • tandersoncpa


    Vernon always gets a laugh out of me. Thanks again for an entertaining show – why would anyone want TV????

  • bob411

    settle: Do you have your own radio show? well I do! I bet your show would be the fag show,

  • bob411

    settle I'm sure you suck.

  • Bloomer

    Just signed back up for my backstage pass. I 've been away for a while. the new setup is great!! Love the green screen and the switching cam's. You Da Man Phil !!

  • WilburCobb

    HR1 w/ Vernon: LOLOL @ "little louder" caller!!

  • ChapelPerilous


    awe that hurts…

  • junkbox

    "Windows Efficency Manager", new from Peenman.

    Geez Phil, In addition to being a radio producer Rantz now also needs to be a fucking computer tech, lay off the guy already.

    Yeah, better open up Norton AV since it did such a bang up job in the first place.

    download rkill, start in safemode, run rkill, run MBAM. done.
    then lay off the porn & surf safe ya monkey.

    Thank you for reinforcing the fact that I'll never watch another preshow. Thought I'd give the new HD a whirl, was over it 50 minutes in.

  • bcb813

    Phil if you have a virus on your PC instead of bitching at your staff for something you did get the best antivirus program on the planet, ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4. It is not cheap but it is worth it.

    Don't use McAfee or Norton because they are useless for the most part.

  • frizzo


  • sava666

    Go sittle. Don't drink the cool aid.

  • helenkeller8

    to all you sittle-haters, piss off. no one cares about your opinion either.

  • ChapelPerilous


    …just what exactly do you mean by "these people"?

    sittle pays no more for his BSP than the rest of us….his reviews annoy the PHUCK out of me…and i'd prefer them to be off the page where the show downloads are located….He should email them to himself so he could take his little gay index finger….and his little gay thumb…and use them to massage his tiny sittle gay knob as he reads them. Please stop encouraging him….for me…the less known about the bits…the better they work…..sittle wants to be the Wizard so badly…he's ruining Oz for the rest of us….

  • knifechase

    Glad you're not discouraged by these people, sittle. But PLEASE stop the "ph" thing.

  • offaith

    Thanks for the review-It helps to know if this is a "classic" download night or a "Phresh" download night.

    Don't let others get in the way of you reviews.

  • sittle

    Fuck…. This setup is great on the Vernon piece, Vernon touches on the newstory, but goes off on a great scenario, the "Having Respect for yourself Review" that he and a female teacher do at Belmar (shades of the Doolies panty patrol bit!)… HA HA!! Making sure there are no thongs, or sex-wear… Then he goes on to phunnily discuss his efforts to defend the teachers against Facebook slander… Just great stuff!!

    Vernon is very challenging towards the callers and he's getting off his cuties. Perfectly in character. It would have been nice if the bit escalated to an Act 2 and Act 3, but the first 15 minutes laid a lot of solid material down and it was used throughout the entire 45 minutes.

    Early morning dew makes an appearance! HA HA!! This is a great bit, Comedy Gold, especially in comparison with the previous 2 nights standards. Funny and entertaining.

    Jays setup wasn't bad, a little dreary, but phrases like Nerdnik picked it up and made it phunny. Jay sounds great tonight, but it'd be nice to have a phone bed behind him. Pretty standard Jay premise, I don't know how compelling this is gonna be to the patriot radio crowd… perhaps Jay should've been violating peoples rights and freedoms instead of tossing their shows into gates… Don't get me wrong that's phunny, but not really compelling.

    The bit sounded a little clumsy between the 20 to 30 minute mark, probably due to the lack of material. It looks like this bit wasn't geting as many callers as Vernon did… but Phil got the comedy back on track about the 32 minute mark, it was really hillarious… Jay and the CAP working the body scan line… groping his way down the line… Hillarious! 40 minutes and out to Hottalk…

    On the Dannger scale, 5 gay thumbs up, and 1 gay thumb down and 1 bi-thumb down…

  • speelbot

    sittle bitch tits…bahaha bha ha

  • blouseclowns

    and i'll ask again for the fourth time, what time and station is your show on sittle?

  • blouseclowns

    sittle sucks. piss off bitch tits.

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