Hour 1:

Bobbie Dooley tells Phil her doctor diagnosed her with colon cancer three days ago, then she says that she’s only joking. Bobbie wants Phil’s listeners to know that you don’t have to worry about getting colon cancer as long as you don’t eat like Katie Couric.

Hour 2:

The Phil Hendrie Show presents… “Blues Hour” with your host Mackie D. Phil reads some more of the Phil Hendrie Dictionary from Phil plays a flashback and reads some e-mail. The PHS presents: Law Talk with Harvey Wireman. Jeff Dowder calls in to talk about HR Giger and shroom water.

Hour 3:

Luis Villanueva thinks that the immigration law is unjust. The Quandro Brothers and Jesus Malone are radio broadcasters who have told Luis that it’s important to go out and protest the immigration policy.

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    I’m playing all of the Law Talk bits for my classmates in law school – will absolutely take the edge off of finals for sure. Could we consider it studying? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.

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