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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stephen Bosell, Corona, CA. Construction contractor and Christian Steve Bosell tells Phil and the panel that as long as Trump double-rubbered his dick with porn actress Stormy Daniels and didn’t engage in anal sex, the evangelicals will be okay with him. Plus, Larry Grover and Pastor William Rennick.

The BSP Classic Show is from June 2003.

Episode 1110 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Anthony

    The General and Phil were calling Jay Santos Steve Bosell. What a coincidence. Let’s see rolling with a porn star before he was a candidate or getting a blow job in the Oval Office from an intern and then lying and denying it. Which is worse. I see where crooked Hillary received her training

  • Avatar

    Bosell going Southern had me almost in tears I was laughing so hard.

  • Troy

    Phil your so funny, thanks for the great show.

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    It’s great how times have changed from the year 2013

  • Rick Mantler
    Rick Mantler

    The PHS used to be the one place you could go to escape tedious, dull political dreck. If it stops being such a place, I will depart with great sorrow. Been rockin’ my BSP since 1999.

    • P. Allgood
      P. Allgood

      Leave if you wish…

    • Avatar

      I have to agree Rick…it is getting tiresome with Phil’s rant’s …..too bad…he was far funnier when he was more objective….

  • Avatar
    Troy Reiter

    Don’t worry everyone I am sure today’s show will be Phil heaping Praise on our President for the latest developments with North Korea. Oh and the economy seems to be pretty solid also. Phil is about to climb aboard the MAGA train.

  • Avatar

    Phil please just STOP I’m not sure what’s worse you or CNN… just be funny Phil not rip on the president constantly Phil… we wait for days to hear new shows and this is what you toss out to us…. it might be funny once or twice but not every damn day …..

    • TwiceRemoved77

      So I feel you’re bugged by Trump’s dumbassness, but you’re just walking around with your fingers in your ears screaming “no no no no no no no no!”

    • TwiceRemoved77

      And it looked like Stormy Daniels, must be the clouds in my eyes

    • Ed Noponen
      Ed Noponen

      Wrong! Making fun of Trump is hilarious, especially as Phil does it. (“Double rubbered” . . . I mean, come on.) Moreover as far as I’m concerned, supporting our Groper in Chief is tantamount to treason.

  • Chris

    Funny show. Bosell and Jay kill it.

  • Avatar
    Gordon Cargal

    SO trump rolled around with a porn star. Seriously who the f cares? Lame Hendrie laaammmmeee

    • Ed Noponen
      Ed Noponen

      It’s the payoff, dummy! And as to caring, I probably care about this as much as you care about Clinton and the intern.

      • Edward

        you are clearly hot for Trump…just admit it.

    • P. Allgood
      P. Allgood

      Not lame at all, and it was the pay off not the act itself, and you would care if married life ever applied to you.

  • Avatar
    jolyon fisher


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