Phil starts the show with “a whole lotta belly-aching” about the equipment and the “needs of a professional.”

A drug counselor from Toronto tells the panel he can treat Toronto mayor Rob Ford for crack cocaine addiction by putting him in a mud pit in his underwear with a hillbilly and a bow and arrow…

Bob Green joins the show to speak on behalf of prisoners on death row…..very sarcastically…

Margaret says she’s going to give Phil his “comeuppance” by pointing out that, according to a new study, Neanderthals were equal to humans…Margaret has palpitations and goes into very weird breathing exercises…and then has to recover from “all the shit I’m taking.”

Episode 111 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Daniel Conderman

    RC and Watson request from me too.

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    Mark Lovingood

    This content is better than ever. Phil is just getting started here. I’ve been listening for years and this is the best timely format ever. Jus my opinion.

    Keep on rollin’ brother!

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    Roger Bishop

    Show is getting stale. Nothing new from night to night anymore. Phil really needs to give up his political rants. They demonstrate his ignorant, bigoted attitude towards a group of people that are paying for his program and could do without the hateful insults day after fucking day. I don’t think the pandering works for you Phil.
    I am finding myself going more often to the archives to listen to the shows during a time in Phil’s career when he was actually funny.

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    So happy to hear that there will be some new podcasters–other than Dooley whom I can’t stand and always turn off. Thank you Phil! Could we occasionally have RC and Watkins, calling from the military academy?
    I will never forget the first PHS episode I ever heard, a few years back, when they were calling from a pay phone in the mess hall, and Watkins kept saying that Micheal Myers was his bitch. Totally hilarious.

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