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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today Phil hosts another Phil Classic. From September 2005, Frazier Foods CEO Bob Green relates his problem with graffiti in the female employee restroom.

The BSP Classic hour is from April 2002. Chris Norton wants to take someone’s underage daughter to the prom in a limo and take nude pics. Phil closes talking about having food poisoning from eating at the chicken place down the street.

Episode 1155 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    pLEASE HAVE cHRIS pOOTAY, I love it when he speaks real low on the air then off his voice is high, so freakin funny Phil

  • TwiceRemoved77

    If Phil came on the pre-show and said “I’ve been lying on a blanket on the beach all day, I’ve totally given up,” then I’d feel the same.

    Phil hosting a classic once a week (released in front of the paywall, to attract new BSPs) is not a new thing.

    I will agree that two classics (for us BSPs) can be a bore, especially when we can go digging for this stuff ourselves.

    ***Brian back Elcott on Sundays! Random show button!***

    • TwiceRemoved77

      ***Bring*** back Elcott on Sundays! Random show button!***

  • Avatar

    Only two new shows a week …Wow… I think Phil is tired of his act and he’s afraid of the alt right subscribers.

    • Avatar
      jason bell

      Afraid of the alt right? Exasperated and fatigued or worn out with the same premise fallacies from them I get. But actual fear? Nah. Those people run on hyper emotional fuel like teenage children. You don’t fear hand wringers who can’t stop whining about how hard it is to be white in America. You pity them, knowing they’d never survive anywhere else.

  • Avatar

    I would prefer knowing which two days every week there will be a live show. I sympathize getting tired of doing the same old thing. I decided early in my life that I would never do one thing more than twenty years. Maybe the panel could review current events; these ARE unusually entertaining times. Stick to the truth and screw the fanatics. I suggest your comedy appearances have a couple of ‘questioners’ in the audience to address individual characters. I had planned to play that role at the orangutan thing, but came down with total laryngitis that week. I heard you made quite a hit with some of the people there. But the show got few comments; bouncing back and forth talking to yourself doesn’t work. Radio is neat, because you can do other things while listening eg driving a car, cooking, writing etc. Sad that there aren’t more good shows in audio. It is doubtful that anybody will come close to creating a show similar to yours. As they say in Britain ‘good show!’

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    jason bell


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