Jay Santos kicked off the show to discuss the recent cell phone driving bans. Jay stands on the side of the highway holding signs that say “Hang it up”. They also monitor cell phone conversations and will break in on conversation.

Margaret joined the show in the second hour. “Even with all of California’s problems, don’t worry about us. We are better than you. Do you have any idea how much hard work it takes to work in the entertainment industry?”

Phil then did a bit about coming from the future. David G. Hall called in to rip him for doing such a dumb bit, but Phil couldn’t get through it because he was laughing too hard.

Phil then went on a rant about Belinda Carlisle posing for Playboy, the San Diego Sky Show, and the Mayor of York, PA, who may have given bullets to white gang members.

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    Jay is one bad ass!

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    Nothing better than Jay’s 3-step takedown:
    Step 1 – Jay crouches down behind the eventual victim.
    Step 2 – A second member goes up to the eventual victim to distract them by talking to them.
    Step 3 – The second member pushes the victim back so he falls over Jay, who is crouched down behind the guy.

    Love it!

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