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Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Mavis Leonard joined Phil to sing "Lobotomy Blues," an old blues song that "came up the LA river from Long Beach with the colored actors." The subject came up because they were talking about Amanda Bynes and Frances Farmer, two actors that seem to be ready for "the hammer and spike."

Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist got into the Joe Francis story saying that Francis was 'a real waste of 'straight.' Also Doug revealed that as a gay man and gay journalist he'll only have sex with other gay journalists. "After them I'll have sex with women but only really beautiful ones and then after them gay guys who do anything for a living.

Don Doogan, dog trainer, talked about a little Border Collie lost in the tornado that was reunited with his owner. Don said people need to understand dogs better. To that end Don dresses in costume and goes to peoples houses to put on a show about dogs. "Wearing women's clothes completely separates me from civilization. I wind up staggering around in the snow in high heels."


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