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    I am trying to download the show from may 11th or 12 with the cruise for mothers who have abused thier children…is there a place on this site that has downloads of show that goes back that far?

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    Thanks Tim…you've spared me a couple of bad ones…but in this case, hour one was a freaking riot!! Maybe you should begin rating them too, or give a snippet review…."not to be missed"–"Phil in rare form"–"boring"–"skip it"–"snooze"–"total riot", etc. For the money BSPs are paying, the show most certainly should be doing this! (hint, hint, duhhh PHIL!!) I used to do radio Internet tech support for a living (including KFI) so I can say with some authority their service sucks. Since they're lazy, demonstrably, we'll just have to thank you. Have a good night. Happy memorial day weekend.

    (I just read the blurb about limiting comments to certain time frames…more evidence of their ineptitude and complete inability to understand, respond and communicate with their PAYING audience. That decision is ridiculous and the explanation completely lame…there has never been ANY indictation that anyone on the staff has any interest in the listeners comments… Oh, and FYI…. the word is ENsure, not INsure. Unless they're providing INsurance policies we BSPs can file claims for things like too many unexplained "Best Ofs" in a row, And stupid decisions like limiting comment time.)

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    HOUR 1 – Herb Sewell, sex offender, wants to buy a townhouse across from a preschool, and wants parents who complain about him to be arrested.
    HOUR 2 – Dean Wheeler says women who use contraceptives are promiscuous sluts, and invades his daughter's privacy to keep tabs on her.
    HOUR 3 – Continuation of Hour 2l

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