Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hour 1: Carl Misla is a writer from “The London Standard” with a less than glowing review of Madonna. He wanted Madonna to apologize for that show of hers.

Hour 2: Phil interviews Michael Moore who is busy stuffing huge amounts of food into his gaping mouth. “Afghan Idol” with Ahmed Seacrest.

Hour 3: Bud plays some blues… Dr. Jeff Dowder is on to talk about the benefits of face transplants, especially getting a Chinese face (w/ Bud).

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    Watch the movie “72”
    It would give creedance to that story.

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    Best. Line. Ever. Michael Moore: "Oh wow, would you look at that." I had to look this one up. Awesome work as always, Phil. I love the old stuff and the new format too. I'm glad I'm a backstage pass holder. It's the best investment I've made in ages.

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