The show got into climate change for the first time in many a day when Dr. Ron Tarner, attending a testimonial dinner for a retiring colleague, poo-poo’s a report that the rate glaciers are melting on Greenland is slowing. Dr. Tarner didn’t like the idea of having to cite climate change science for a “bunch of dumbbells” and really didn’t like RC Collins asking him to get Stephen Hawking’s autograph.

The release of a some of the materials recovered in the Bin Laden compound occasioned a panel discussion with Bobbie Dooley (talking about a Horatio Sanz video with orgasm/waterboarding jokes) Margeret Grey (who sang “I Wish You Love” with an explosion sound effect) and the hearing impaired Debbie Daily (who also sang and better than Margeret).

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    Keep Debbie shes awesomeee

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    I completely disagree with you guys about Debbie Dailey. I think she's absolutely hysterical, and I laugh out loud every time Phil uses that character. I love the fact that she's got an attitude and doesn't back down from any fight. It's hilarious. To me, at least.

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    Debbie Dailey SUCKS! Worst character in Phil show history.

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    Seriously … lose Debbie Dailey. She's just not funny.

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    Climate change is real, Phil. Get over it.

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