Bob Green discussed Donald Sterling while his store is featuring a post-Easter Sale called “The Crucifixion Continues.” Bob claims it has nothing to do with Sterling’s on-going problems. It’s about selling left-over Easter candy even though Phil and the panel point out that Easter was about resurrection, not crucifixion.

Ted Bell, owner of Ted’s of Beverly Hills steakhouse, told the audience about being at the Beverly Hills Hotel to protest the government of Brunei’s ownership. Ted said Jay Leno led the assembled people in a protest cheer: “1-2-3 Brunei can shove it up their ass!”

Jeff Dowdder was at Cratered Park in either Nebraska or Texas riding the roller coaster Doom Hurdle. He sounded like he was going to die but afterward said it was just “okay.”

Episode 116 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    eight patties no bun

    “Am I going to be yelled at by a guy whose head went through an oak tree?”
    -Bob Greene

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    Aaron Peck

    Hey Phil I bet someone has already mentioned this but Brunei is not in the Middle East lmao it sits on the main island of Malaysia aka the Borneo.

    Far from the Middle East, except that it’s muslim. I was there in 2010 and was a perfectly fine place. Freaking small as hell.

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    John Pace

    I crack up every time Bud laughs and slaps the desk excessively.

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    scott bennett

    Update: Got main show audio download to play. Will live w/o full pre-show.

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    scott bennett

    Pre-show and Main Show audio both cut off way early. What’s up?

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