Tonight, Doug Dannger from the Orange County Courier reported to Phil that “according to my sources, Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter movies, has been so disgusted with the whole 10 year experience, he exposed himself to the crowd at last nights premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” As Doug told it using a badly edited piece of tape, Radcliffe told the crowd he was sick of them, said “shake hands with this,” exposed himself and went into the theater.

Margaret Grey, nationally syndicated columnist, joined Phil in his second hour to talk about humans and their relationship with dogs. Margaret is a big “Dog Whisperer” fan and told Phil’s audience the Dog Whisperer says that letting a dog walk in front means you are allowing the dog to think it’s the pack leader and you’re “degrading the human race almost back to the jungle. For many of your callers Phil, the ‘Dog Whisperer’ is Michael Vick. Have a very pleasant and restful morning” Click.

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    Listen Big Country, Iron, I love the show… It's a great concept and has been since I first heard it in 2001… The current show is a farce and unphunny. I will continue to grade the shows, whether you two Nancy boys like it or not… As a BSP holder I'm entitled to my rights to cheer and jeer.

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    Where was Lloyd, for Veteran's Day? I think he once mentioned he was a vet. Korean War. maybe?

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    No doubt. If you don't like it sittle, you and your gay reviews, get the "phuck" out.

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    Hour 2 reminded me of a show I heard back in 2002 when either Margaret or Bobby had a purebred golden; they would take it around to their friends' houses and let it do its business on their carpeting, as if it was a distinct honor to have a dog of her pedigree to grace them with a warm loaf… that was a good show. I can't wait to check out the 2002 archives and see if I can find it.

    Actually, that was roughly the first or second time I heard Phil's show; been addicted ever since.

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    Get over yourself if u don't like the show leave. I'm tired off all your stupid comments everyday.

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    Doug was pretty repetitive, droning on and on about how Daniel Radcliffe was being gay bullied and was fed up with the character and whipped his penis out at the crowd at the Harry Potter premiere (which phil phaked). Doug was decent, but the whole segment relied upon his arguments and imo, it got old real phast.

    I liked Margs segment, she was uppity and confrontational and while she didn't have many phunny scenarios prepared for her segment, she managed to pull it off… fortunately, someone mentioned "chimpanzee"… Marg dominated the conversations with chimp talk… Hillarious, imo (for 2010).

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