Tonight it was a phantasmagoria of lights and twirling weirdness. Doug Dannger…no, wait a minute, Father James McQuarters commented on Whitey Bulger going down for the count. The Father doesn’t like Whitey but loved “The Departed.” Later Chris Norton discussed his first directorial effort in the adult film field..”Lust Makes The World Go ‘Round” (It might also be called “Lust On The Sun”) The film will have a real cavalcade of talent: Danny Bratwurst, Sylvia Cavity, Garrett Thermometer (He takes their temperature) Pete Package, Bob Flank Steak and of course Bottled Water Girl……because “she comes in the back door…”

A debate about, what else, health care featured, who else, Larry Grover and Dean Wheeler and, as fate would have it, Dean is calling from the set of Chris’ movie where Dean’s wife Emerelda is about to take on Garrett Thermometer.

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  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    The Chris Norton bit about the new porn production is a classic!!

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    Calvin Kaiser

    I have adblocker on my browser (Chrome). I paused it and checked, and I still don’t see an ad.

    Maybe it is coming from the facebook plugin?

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Why, after many commercial-free months, am I suddenly getting adverts on this page, for credit cards, etc., right above ENTRIES BY MONTH? I never had them before. I thought that by paying for a BSP I’d avoid this annoyance. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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    Tom Simshaw

    Robert was present, the General was just an additional guest. A great twist to the show!

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    Jim Briggs

    Love Gaylen Shaw on the panel. Great addition.

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    John Pace

    I’ve only listened to the first minute so apologies if the answer comes up later, but is General Shaw replacing Robert?

    Not that I’ll get a response, but it’s worth a shot and I’m bored.

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    david bell

    40 seconds in I’m laughing. Doug Danger didn’t seem right for Whitey Bulger, but then the General explained it.

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