Ted Bell came on the show to talk about his aggressive business stance even in the face of an Obama reelection. In fact, Ted said that any businessman who is cutting back his business hiring or spending because Obama won “isn’t worth the sweat off (his) blank-blank.” (Later off air, Ted admitted the words he would not use were ‘nut sack.’) Mavis Leonard called the show to talk about her disappointment Romney didn’t win saying her late husband owned 3 successful BP stations and Obama “burned BP out and ran them off….”

Robert Green from Frazier Foods chastised General David Petraeus for not understanding a woman will offer sex and love but what she wants is information. Its like the checker from Bob’s Buena Park store that he dated briefly. She always wanted to know how she could improve her checker skills on the new machines. But Bob was suspicious. One night, at a drive-in movie theater, as he leaned back in the seat trying to recreate a sexy mood from youth, Bob found out the hard way what holding back info from a girl with braces really means…..

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    Pretty sure Mavis visited Ted's of Beverly Hills in another segment. Wasn't she the one complaining about Ted not allowing her to go for more servings during an all you can eat buffet?

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    So don't do it.


    Why do I have to Java/Adobe Flash/Windows update every time I use my computer? It's just a bunch of band-aids because they can't write decent software.

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    you right phil… I used to be heavily invested in porn, but now…. you're all I need

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