Hour 1:

“Soul Coke” Bob Green joins the program, he has developed a new brand of soda called “Soul Coke” which he plans to market to African American consumers which he hopes will help the companies image. Phil talks about the law in New Mexico.

Hour 2:

Travel agent Colleen Kristen Brewster joins the program to offer the Catherine Harris Makeover where they’ll make you cute and attractive. Phil talks about how he deals with bad language amongst his step-sons.

Hour 3:

Phil continues the ongoing discussion as well as latest late-breaking news concerning the 2000 Election recount.

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    Soul Coke is one of those legendary bits. The stars aligned; great premise, great calls, Phil was on point. True classic.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Great show! What I remember most is when Bob Green started playing James Brown’s song “Night Train” at 30min 12sec – “Soul Train!” – I think more movies should start with this song! How about long tall sally!

    • Avatar

      Long Tall Sally makes me wanna watch “Predator” RC says “It was Bitchin!” Best horror movie ever made!

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    Hi Phil. For this classic show, if you remember, was that caller (28 minute mark) for Soul Coke really a marketing VP for Coca-Cola in Minneapolis? It seemed legit. You know that corporate arrogance that seems to be inbred in all VPs and/or corporate executives.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Yes he was. I remember the call very well

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