Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hour 1: Doug Dannger on the Great American Smokeout — he says you won’t have the courage to tell him to put out his cigarette, because he is gay.

Hour 2: Bud Dickman gives Phil a hard time about mispronouncing ‘marital’. Don Dunphy and George Foreman with Slap Fight of the Titans. Jeff Dowder’s Hypothetical America with life without Hawaii.

Hour 3: Phil Hendrie O Canada. Barber Shop Guy conversation. Phil is kidnapped by scientologists on remote. Radio Quebec. Bud Rockman’s Babe Of the Week, and Jelly Bean Racial Sensitivity Training.

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    00:00 DOUG DANNGER
    34:00 JUSTIN McELROY – Comedy Gold
    45:00 SLAP FIGHT OF THE TITANS – Tom Arnold vs. Betsy Wetsy Doll
    55:00 Sirius Radio
    58:00 JEFF DOWDER’S Hypothetical America “What if there was no Hawaii?”
    70:00 BOBBI DOOLEY – Comedy Gold
    73:00 “The Old Barber Shop”
    77:00 From Hollywood/Highland, Phil gets abducted by Scientologists
    96:00 Quebec Radio
    101:00 DVD Pick of the Week/Best Lines – Dirty Harry, On The Waterfront “They’re dustin’ off the hot seat for me!”

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