Thursday, November 21, 2002

Show Log by Paulie Dintino

Hour 1:
Dean Wheeler and his neighbors are doing what President Bush asked to protect America by writing down what people are doing and monitoring their groceries. It’s OK because he’s a friend and he’s going to have fun going through your garbage. Phil Hendrie did the voice of Dean.

Hour 2:
Phil starts out by talking about the TV show The Bachelor. Ted Bell comes on with a Flashback. Phil and a caller play “How white are you?” Phil gives away a Citizen’s Axillary Police T-shirt. Joe Dickhead with NFL picks as he gets waxed by another man.

Hour 3:
Deb Turner come on to tell how to find a man, keep a man & know the man. She calls ex-girlfriends of the men to find out what they did wrong so she won’t repeat the mistakes. Phil talks about The War on Terror and other news.

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    Lol @ the Red Sox winning 2 years after this epic rant… Whoops.

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