The Bobbie Dooley Thanksgiving Marathon, includes such classics as The Clothes-A-Thon, Peer Pressure, Mothers With Sons, Justin’s Grad Party, Turn Off The AC, and Mock Kidnapping! Originally aired November 2002.

Episode 260 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • joshhumblecreative

    Unfreakin-believable, Phil! How in the world did you play drunk Dooley so well?! LOL Just hilarious.

  • Terry

    You are truly a genius!

  • Paul Vandervliet

    Classic Phil… I just love when Phil’s characters try to justify an insane point of view in arguments with callers.

  • jason thorsell

    Drunk Steve Dooley is always hilarious!

  • Anthony Santoro, Jr.

    Classic stuff. Loved the piano bench with a free-tuning coupon being donated!
    I’m listening to the show AGAIN today—loved it!

  • charles moore

    Loved the marathon Phil. Non stop laughs. Awesome

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Thank you for this!

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