David G. Hall and Vernon Dozier both ganged up on Phil to make he sure he didn’t “get his cookies” reading about an Alabama man who was given two years in jail for dragging his testicles over another mans face, a man that had passed out drunk after a football game…

Art Griego’s “Constrictor” was demonstrated tonight. Supposedly fastened around a mans testicles and tightened, it can make a mans voice sound as high-pitched as possible. In the case of black men, as demonstrated by Milwaukee radio host Cat Sampson, it can make them sound white

Phil talked about how tired he was of Jack from the Jack in the Box ads…and got into an argument with Bud, Robert and Margaret over whether he’s a “Jack in the Box” or a clown….

Lindsay Lohan having been arrested in the “meatpacking district” of New York Thursday night was occasion for Margaret Grey to opine that Lohan was arrested for prostitution. “If you’re arrested in the meatpacking district figure it out!”

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    Phil….I almost crashed my car on the Art Griego Constrictor episode. I have never heard this before. Is this a new bit? Genius beyond compare. A total classic. So many one liners but the part about "The Volcano Council" nearly sent me to the hospital.

    You are beyond genius.

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    whats the song callled at the begining of the vid cast

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    yes,impossible to pinpoiint.

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    Hate hate hate the video player! It takes so long to skip to a specific point too. Using Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browser, Windows 7 and Android. It's not my setups, it's the player.

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    Hi guys! If you're having trouble with the new video player please submit your system specs (operating system, web browser, Flash version, etc.) to customer service at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to open a ticket with our video host.

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    I second that emotion.

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    Agreed with 57mercury. What a fn joke this new player is, audio is never in sinc with video, constant buffering and freezing of the player. I have to constantly re-start the feed and forward to where I was. When ever you try to forward thru the breaks the player freezes. What a fn joke. I've complained to customer service for the past month all they say is we will pass the info along to blah blah blah. Choppy video, no hi-def. Bring back the old player

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