Phil introduces a new cooking segment with Chef Carl Chodillia. Today’s recipe is for Dodger Duck, in honor of the LA Dodgers clinching the National League West pennant. It can be made with chicken or turkey by the way. Dean Wheeler and a musical act he manages, Wes Hurlford and the Westerners, come on to perform “Mental Midget,” a campaign song they’d like to pitch to Hillary Clinton. Ted Bell discusses weekend activities at Ted’s of Beverly Hills and the period of time Chef Chodillia worked for him and created a recipe for what he called “Chode Pie.”

Episode 480 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    I love these madcap episodes so much! Nonstop hilarity with like ten characters. So damn talented!

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    When is Wes Hurlford and Gene Gebell going to meet? When is Gene Gebell going to get his ass kicked by Wes Hurlford? By the way, does Gene Gebell have some kind of super power so he can’t die? He’s been beaten, stabbed, shot, run over, dropped out of an airplane, locked in a closet with a hand grenade, and still keeps coming for more. Is he like the Deadpool of the Hendrieverse? Or maybe he’s a vampire being hunted by Dr. Arthur Barn?

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    It’s Chode City, figuratively and literally with Chef Chodillia around.

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    Herb Sewell

    “Phil,, we don’t call it “fat” we would rather call it, “retubbing and re-blimping” as said by chef Chodillia..
    “MaaaM, im big brother in a pith helmut and a blue arm band,im just trying to keep you from getting buggered by your daughter” as said by jay santos

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    Thanks for bringing the chef back Phil 2 days in a row hope he stays. Miss his kkookkbookk. Grease and cheese and cream steal a 4-h kids pig and kill it and cook it and eat it go to hell for all the sex crimes..Shooting pains in left arm…CLEAR!!!

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    I haven’t even listened to the show yet but I just lost it at “Chode Pie”…

  • Andy Hatton
    Andy Hatton

    I’m a fan of Chef Carl Chodillia I’m glad he’s been on the last few days!

    “Spray paint it blue”

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