Hour 1: A 6 year old boy was thought to be in a balloon. Turns out he was hiding in an attic. It was believed that the parents wanted to do a reality show. A Louisiana justice of the peace refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple to protect their children. Rush Limbaugh blames the NFL for not allowing him to buy the St. Louis Rams. Then Phil takes some phone calls.

Hour 2: Don Berman from Channel 19 news is on to talk about the Balloon boy story. His station did a series of reports on how families are surviving the recession by doing reality shows. Art Griego calls in to weigh in on the topic. He and Bill McDermitt crashed in a weather balloon back in 1999 and got no coverage.

Hour 3: Doug Danger, gay man gay journalist, comes on the program to talk about the embedded journalists showing pictures of wounded and dead soldiers. Doug wouldn’t have a problem going to Afghanistan to take pictures of dead and wounded soldiers. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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