Chef Carl Chodillia makes meat loaf, Ted Bell talks about soccer, and Steve Bosell feels vindicated by a woman suing her nephew!

Episode 490 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    I notice Ted and Steve are on a lot of the same episodes. Wonder how Ted’s quest to get Steve to build him a restaurant in the Inland Empire for cheap is going.

  • Jeffrey

    Pub? You mean bar? Phil. You need to get out more…

    • Jeffrey

      I will say though I am a Man U fan, spritzed with Chelsea…i know big contradiction I have heard it all. Just saying I understand your plight.

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz

    Chode-loaf?!?! I almost blew Sprite out of my nose while listening at lunch. Can chode-loaf be found in the bakery section of the grocery store? The bread aisle? The freezer section? Is it a specialty item?

  • Brent

    Manchester United is still owned by the Glazer family who also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When Malcom died he got a lot more press as the owner of MU then the Bucs.The family owns other interests here in Tampa Bay including the Glazer Children’s Museum .

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    Steve Perillo

    One of the best shows ever!

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    Tim Koski

    Chef Chode making chode-loaf = best giggle of the day. Many thanks!

    • Nathan Smith
      Nathan Smith

      Don’t forget the Chode Pie to go along with your Chode Loaf.

  • Allan morrow
    Allan morrow

    I love all the Roland schwinn, er, um, chef Carl lately! Please make sure he eats more cheese.

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    Herb Sewell

    would love to hear the very manly mans man Coach Dozier go gay,, you see after watching old tapes of Mepham high players, he realized his true self,

  • Gene

    I try to stay about 1 week behind on the show (I listen when I go to bed) so I can have shows all week-end. Last week you said “mouth siren cop” was about done. I think we’re missing an obvious marriage of 2 routines here. Lloyd (cop wanna-be) and Jay Santos (cop wanna-be). Lloyd goes to work for Citizens Auxiliary Police. The interview alone, “can you handle a firearm”, “I was in Korea for chrissake”. The General doesn’t like Jay or Lloyd and refuses to be on the show when Jay is on, eliminating the 2 close voices. We also get rid of that damn motorcycle running during the routine and don’t have to find reason’s for Lloyd to be pulling people over. Food for thought.

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