Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hour 1: VARIETY.

Hour 2: Bobbie Dooley, HOA president, forbade two residents from voting ostensibly on grounds that she needs help with a menu, and if they don’t help she will assess penalties.

Hour 3: VARIETY.

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    11:00 HAL & VIOLA
    20:00 DENNY CARLOS “Disco Jam” Radio Show
    38:00 BOBBI DOOLEY
    66:00 LORNE GREEN Picking up dog crap
    67:00 JAY SANTOS – Comedy Gold
    77:00 ROBERT GREEN (w/attorney HARVEY WIREMAN) Gropes female employee/friend because of Al Qaeda
    97:00 Lonely Hearts Radio w/Bob (Bob can’t read)
    112:00 BEST OF… TED BELL

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    clint jensen

    Hr. 3- Bob Green gropes a female friend of his in response to threats from Al Qaeda. After fifteen months of friendship he asks the question, “At what point is she expected to make with the goods?”

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