Hour 1: Chris Norton is with the group Disband. He says the religious symbol, the wedding band, offends single men. It’s not a separation of church and state. He preceeds to hit on all the female callers.

Hour 2: In Massachusets a man gets complaints for putting up an American flag on the celing of his gym. Phil talks about heathcare reform. There were some gunshots fired in front of the hmoe of Lou Dobbs. There’s an Ironswine episode regarding this story, then Phil takes some phone calls. Randal Terry thinks that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should be burned in effegy on Halloween to protest healthcare legislation. Then some other news.

Hour 3: Vernon Dozier comes on the show to talk about a study that says children should be allowed to sleep in on the weekends to fight obesity. Vernon disagrees. He runs a fat camp called Camp Possibility. He says the study has no viability bacause the Chinese conducted it. He says fat people are worthless and they’re not contributing to society. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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    Phil seriously you need to work on your skits and play way more Lloyd bonafide people love that character big time and I have only found a few episodes however your awesome and doing a great job…please More Lloyd bonafide going into June 2018…keep up the good work you definitely keep me entertained

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