Phil is doing a table read for his new show, so we’ve got Dr. Ed Elcott guest hosting from August 23rd, 2014. And then it’s Part 1 of Bobbie’s celebrity interview with Paul Scheer.

Episode 240 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Hey James……load up on Boston and Kansas on your own time. All hail Elcot. All hail Elcott

  • Joel Hendry
    Joel Hendry

    Sorry……Ted Bell knows my Password

  • Joel Hendry
    Joel Hendry

    James , when you see me drivin’ get out of the way. I got the deluxe super sport package Banana yellow Kompressor and if you love Phil and what he does you will not whine about his taste in music. But enjoy his greatness…..I play the same stuff at my Restaurant……….Hello?…….I’m Ted Bell!

  • James Grice
    James Grice

    Discovering culture through music? Yes. Is it possible to explore now another culture? Instead of continuing with all the ill concocted music – and it is equally bad no matter which race sings — perhaps you might explore classical music culture or some less disturbing music. It assaults my senses lately, this music you play. I have to cover my ears through parts! That is enough to say please explore something else if you must entertain us with music?

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