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Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Phil and the panel discuss three famous stories, all Halloween related. First Dr. Jim Sadler joins them to talk about Jack the Ripper and his theory that there were two, one a doctor who did the killing and the other a lunatic member of the Royal family directing him. When Phil disagrees, he starts crying and hangs up a couple of times.

Next they take on the Amityville Horror. Don Micksa, a professor of structural engineering, tells Phil that when he first investigated this story he became sexually aroused. But now it just bores him.

Finally the Snedeker family's "Connecticut Haunting" experience is tackled by Phil and the crew. Carmen Snedeker reported that she and her husband were "sodomized by demons." Mavis Leonard came on the show and theorized it was a demon named Moloch. "No doubt that Snedeker woman thought that was a feather in her cap, having it put to her dirty Pete style by a heavy hitter like Molodch."


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